My Sweet Valentines

The night before Valentine’s Day, I lay in bed with both of my boys, one on each side.  School has already been canceled for tomorrow, which means staying up a bit later and extra cuddles in my bed.  We talk about our hard part of our day, and our favorite part of our day, which just so happens to be ‘right now’ for all of us.   In the dark, we listen to soft instrumental music and talk about how each song makes us feel.

“This song makes me think of the man who died”.

“This song reminds me of summer and playing outside”.

“This song makes me think of the sad Titanic”.

As the snow falls outside and our breathing slows, I stroke their hair and feel the warmth of their little bodies, relaxed and resting.

My heart is so full.  So grateful.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

*Part of the Weekly Writing Challenge

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