The Good Men In My Life.

The men in my life melt my heart.

First, my older son has a new crush on a sweet little girl in his class.  We’ll call her Kylee.  She’s a quiet one, just like him.  A few nights ago, he asked if he should tell her he likes her, or tell her he loves her, basically trying to figure out this whole crush thing.   It was the first time he had ever really asked for my advice on something (sniff, sniff). I said that I thought any girl would feel flattered if someone told her they liked her.   “Love” might be a little too stalker-ish (and no one likes a creepy stalker, am I right?)  We talked about it, giggled about it and he blushed about it.  It literally makes my heart swell every time I see him giddy.

Then, this morning, as my husband was leaving for work, he pulled our son aside and said, “Hey, when you’re getting ready to leave school this afternoon for your winter vacation, you should say to Kylee ‘I hope you have a good vacation Kylee’.


Because that is just how my shy and humble husband was to me when we were young:  sweet, polite, thoughtful.     And I love that he’s teaching our son to be the same way.  That one simple interaction between the two of them basically made my whole day–and it’s only 8:00am.

We need more boys and men like them in the world.

Stay tuned because I taught 4 Winds in my son’s class again.  I basically had to try to corral 20 first graders as we roamed outside looking for animal tracks.  You can imagine my blood pressure.

I swear, 1st grade teachers are Saints.

2 thoughts on “The Good Men In My Life.”

  1. Aww! So sweet. I wish more women would recognize that there are mamas out there like us trying to raise good men instead of man bashing all the time. Sounds like you’re lucky like me. With a great husband and two great boys! 🙂

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