A cardinal, a pseudo-scorpion and a broken refrigerator.

First off, let me just point out that where I live, it’s March 6th and -10 degrees outside.  As I was standing at the end of our driveway getting our oldest son on the bus, my face stung and my nose hairs were frozen, but I could hear the Robins singing.  The sun was brilliant, but my butt cheeks were cold because I forgot to put on long underwear.  The incongruence of it all is making me crazy.

The bad thing about it being March 6th and -10 degrees out is self-explanatory, but the good thing about it being March 6th and -10 degrees out is that our refrigerator died last night, and as luck would have it, it’s frigid enough out that we have a place to put all of our food.  It’s actually the second time our refrigerator has kicked it, yet thankfully it’s been sub-zero temperatures each time, therefore preventing any curdled dairy products.

IMG_0084The bad thing about this, is that now the creamer for my coffee, our milk,  the cream cheese for bagels and the orange juice are all frozen solid.  I had to put all of these things in bowls of warm water in order to have any kind of morning breakfast before school.

Just a little while ago, I opened the refrigerator to get the model number to order the malfunctioning part and noticed that it is now 72.9 degrees inside, which means, it’s warmer inside our refrigerator than it is in our house.   Then, having thought that we emptied out everything last night, I noticed that one of us left a bowl of tuna in there, and so as I was trying to write down the model number to order the part, I started gagging, because two-day old tuna sitting in 72.9 degree heat is nasty.

I went to the bathroom and found this on the wall near our sink:

Yes, it’s small, but it looks vicious.

Apparently, it’s some kind of “Pseudo-Scorpion” spider?  Awesome.   I immediately killed it, but now, I’m going to obsessively check the toilet each and every time I go in there just to make sure this little guy didn’t have any friends who might be hiding in waiting underneath the rim of the seat for me.

And we also have our psycho red cardinal back.  He showed up last April and is by far the most aggressive and belligerent bird I’ve ever come across.  He sits at our windows all along the first floor of our house chirping and flapping his wings and banging into the glass for months at a time.   But, my favorite part of the return of our cardinal is that my boys wanted to name it.  Si wanted to name him Mr. Red and Bozo wanted to name him Pecker.  So, his name is now ‘Mr. Red Pecker’ and each time they see him they run throughout the house yelling “Mr. Red Pecker is back, Mr. Red Pecker is back!!!”.

I find myself thinking about the cold and the refrigerator and the fact that I’m in a serious writing funk and I start to feel like I’m whiny about it all.

So, I’m going to be thankful for the fact that it’s so cold out, until we get the part we need and (hopefully) fix our fridge, and I’m going to forgive the Pseudo-scorpion for making its way into my bathroom because he’s probably also pissed about it being below zero in March.  I mean, he’s probably supposed to be looking for his mate at this point and instead just got squashed by something and flushed down the toilet.   I’m going to accept the fact that sometimes we all have writer’s block and that it’s just part of the journey, and I’ll also try to find more joy in Mr. Red Pecker instead of being startled by his ferocious flapping at the window, because he does look very pretty against the white snow and maybe, just maybe, it means spring is nearer than I think.

2 thoughts on “A cardinal, a pseudo-scorpion and a broken refrigerator.”

  1. I’m having writer’s block too!! It sucks. Plus, I’m crazy busy and don’t have time to write either. Boo. That pseudo scorpion spider is something that might me obsessively check the toilet too! Creepy.

  2. Your post today didn’t seem like you had writer’s block at all–i thought it was such good piece!? You described your freak out on the ride so well I was kind of chuckling at you.

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