The Top Fifty Things My Boys Might Be Fighting About.

It’s mid-March.  We’re all sick of the cold and the snow and of being in such close proximity to one another.  Like so many others here in New England, we’re desperately trying to just get through the next few weeks until Spring.  It’s not always pretty here at our house as we all rage with Cabin Fever, so here are the Top Fifty Things My Boys Might Be Fighting About:

1. Whose turn it is to shut the door when they come in from playing outside.

2. What a chainsaw really sounds like.

3. Who has more macaroni and cheese in their bowl.

4. If bears are a part of the cat family or not.

5. Which Ninjago character they are going to be in their make-believe Ninja game.

6. Who gets to sit in the front of the tub this time.

7. Which side of mommy they get to lay next to when reading books at night.

8. Which books to read at night.

9. Who fed the dog last.

10. Who gets the blue cup and who gets the red cup.

11. Who had more chocolate in their chocolate milk.

12. Who has a girl named Ava in their class. (hint:  they both do)

13. Who gets to play Toca Boca on mom’s phone.

14. Who got to play Toca Boca on mom’s phone for longer.

15. Who snores in their sleep.

16. Who gets to go with mommy to the grocery store and who gets to stay home with dad.

17.  Which song they want me to play on my iPod while driving in the car.  Bozo wants Pumped up Kicks and Si wants Oh My Heart by R.E.M.

18.  Who gets to talk to a grandparent on the phone first and longest.

19. Who’s touching who in the back seat

20.  Who’s looking at who in the backseat

21. Who hit first

22.  Who is going to be the red monster truck and who is going to be the blue monster truck in their make-believe monster truck derby.

23.  What is the correct sound a black panther makes.

24.  Who gets to try out daddy’s drill first and for how long.

25.   What cartoon to watch:  Caillou or Wild Krats.

26.   On Wild Krats, which one is Chris and which one is Martin.

27.  Which one of them gets to eat the last blueberry yogurt (Bozo doesn’t even like blueberry yogurt).

28.  Where their whistles are and who lost them (this one’s my fault because I hid them).

29.  Who always has to shut the Bouncy Castle off when they’re done playing on it.

30.  The fact that when Bozo went to go to the bathroom, he dropped his Stuffy and when he got back Si was playing with it.

31.  Who snagged the recliner in the living room first.

32.  How much 2+2 equals, which is the worst because Bozo doesn’t know how to do math yet.

33.  Who won the wrestling trophy during their wrestling match during which their pretend girlfriends were watching.

34.  Who gets to sit on mom’s lap the second she sits down to catch her breath.

35.  Which cousin they look like.

36.  Who’s birthday comes first.

37.  Who got more batter on their beater.

38.  How many granola bars the other one had.

39.  Why it’s not fair.

40.  The fact that Bozo wants to come in from the playing in the snow and Si wants to stay out.

41.  Why one gets to stay home sick and the other still has to go to school.

42.  Who brushes their teeth better.

43.  When will it be their turn to play on mommy’s computer.

44.  The fact that Si wants to play wrestling and Bozo does not, but Si ignores him and tackles him anyway.

45.  That Bozo kicked him in the face and hurt his feelings.

46.  The fact that Bozo is making an incredibly annoying noise and won’t stop it.

47.  That Si is being mean to baby doll.

48.  Who’s going to play the lion and who’s  going to play the lion tamer.

49.  Why one gets to have orange juice and the other has to finish his milk from last night.

50.  Whose fault it is that they are both in Time-Out.

2 thoughts on “The Top Fifty Things My Boys Might Be Fighting About.”

  1. This is awesome. My kids ALWAYS fight over the color of their cups/plates/bowls. It drives me crazy. WHY FOR THE LOVE DOES IT MATTER??? And sitting in the front of the tub is a big deal around here too. Oh man. I can relate to 99% of this list.

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