Remember The Time: Maybe our phone was bugged.

Today I’m taking part in yet another fun Blog Hop over at The Waiting.  This month’s Remember The Time Topic:  My Earliest Memory.  When you’ve finished reading my very creepy first memory, click on the cute Little Red Riding Hood below and visit The Waiting before you go-she is a lovely writer.

When I saw that the topic of this month’s Remember The Time was of our earliest memories, I had no problem recalling mine, it was figuring out how to describe it that stumped me.   It’s a bizarre first memory to be honest.   I’ve thought about this memory a lot in my life in an attempt to understand it.  When did I first remember this?  Was I 10 years old?  Was I 24?   Was it a dream I had or just an association I made?  What made me remember this–the intensity of the situation, or just the fact that in that moment, my brain became capable of retaining information?   Memory, the passage of time, and the meaning of it all remains a mystery as this early dream has sat in the archives of my mind, like the very last card in a long drawer of a card catalog.

My earliest memory is actually a scary dream I had, and I’m assuming I was very young because it involves my crib.    This dream consisted of just two things:   The loud sound of a dial tone and the image of a big, giant-sized black beetle lying in the middle of my crib.  Now, I’m 37-years-old and I can still vividly hear the sound and see the beetle lying in my crib.  It was a short dream, but a terrifying one for me.

Kind of messed up, am I right?  Yeah, it’s a bit disturbing for a first memory, I know!   I’m sure Freud could have had a field day with me on this one.

Now, I’m assuming that at some point, I was playing with our telephone, heard this dial tone and was a bit scared by the sound.   I mean, the dial tone in the older telephones was very loud and obnoxious and all I can deduce is that I heard that sound, and being so young, didn’t understand what was making it, how or why–only that it was not pleasant.

telephoneSo, that’s the first scary part of my scary dream.  What else might be scary to a toddler?

Bugs.  Now, I’m also assuming that I had run-ins with bugs being outside and didn’t take too kindly to them either.  To this day I find things like spiders and beetles and all of those creepy-crawlies disgusting.  My mother even told me that when I was younger, I was always banging on the front door for her to let me in as I wailed, “THERE ARE FLIES OUT HERE!!!!!”.  Of course, she wouldn’t let me in because she knew how ridiculous I was being and so left me out there with the terrifying flies.

I had the heeby-jeebies just picking out this picture!!
I had the heeby-jeebies just picking out this picture!!

Now, all I can assume is that in my 1-or-2-year-old attempt to make sense of the unsettling sound of the dial tone, the only explanation I could come up with was that maybe there was a big bug inside the phone, which would explain the beetle lying  in the middle of my crib, unmoving, yet making this horrendous noise in my nightmare.

Wow.  What a way to start off making memories.  Yay me.

Is there anyone else whose earliest memory is of a horrible dream and not something that happened in real life–or is it just me?

4 thoughts on “Remember The Time: Maybe our phone was bugged.”

  1. I vividly remember a nightmare that I had when I was really little too. I was falling between the cracks of the sidewalk and plummeting miles into the earth. Maybe we could both go to therapy together and get a discount 😉

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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