Another Award!?

Wow, Nap Time Thoughts.  You’re the bomb for nominating me for yet another award.   Readers, please go over to her site and check out her blog.  Or, if you just want a quick taste, click here, here or here and see for yourself why you should follow her.  Seriously, you’ll get hooked.  Just go check her out.

If I were laying bleeding on the side of the road:

1.  Probably Meredith over at Perfection Pending would scramble to staunch the bleeding.

2.  Outmanned Mama would probably stand by side waiting for the paramedics and trying to humor me with one of her stories about her vagina or her boobs.

3.  Nap Time Thoughts would definitely be drafting a post about the whole thing, which others might deem inappropriate or weird, but because we both love to stick out foot in our mouth, I would totally understand.

4.  And I think Storiesofourboys would most likely have a Mom-Purse filled with necessities because, I mean, she has 4 boys!

My small group of nominees are as follows:

Liebster AwardStoriesofourboys

The Winding Road

Mommy Training Wheels

Jenns Midlife Crisis

Sprouts En Route

If you were on stage just about to begin a performance when you all of a sudden got stage fright, which one of your followers would:

1.  Quickly get back stage, pull the curtains and save you from another second of humiliation.

2.  Quickly jump up on stage and make a fool of themselves to take the spotlight off you and give you time to escape.

3. Snap a picture of you and for posterity.

4.  Try desperately to help you from the audience by miming or mouthing what exactly it was you were supposed to be doing.

There is no pressure to do all that is entailed with these awards, so feel free to ignore it if you so choose….I just want to spread the love, that’s all.  Thanks for reading everyone:)

2 thoughts on “Another Award!?”

  1. Awww… Aren’t you so sweet. Thanks for the plugs, and great questions. I feel like these awards should (if you want to partake in them) be more fun and less work. Go you, and way to have an awesome blog.

  2. Ok, I’m behind on my blogging world. Thank you for the award! fun, fun, fun! And yes, I totally have a GIANT purse full of stuff, mostly useful if you are under 8 years old….

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