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Not enough hours in the day.

It’s been an entire week since I last posted anything and I have nothing even remotely ready to post again for who knows how long!  I have been so incredibly busy the last few weeks that I just feel like I haven’t had the time to sit and think, not to mention write anything.  On the one hand, it’s wonderful that I’ve been so busy with work, but on the other hand, I’ve really missed being able to read everyone’s blogs and do some writing of my own.

I am sincerely thankful for anyone who visits over here and I’m sorry I’ve been such a dud lately, but I can’t remember a time I’ve been busier with my out-of-the-home job.  I promise I will be posting some stuff soon, including a special post about my mom for Mother’s Day and the fact that my older son has discovered religion and what we’re doing about it.

Despite not having time to indulge in my own interests or hobbies, I did somehow make time to put together a birthday gift for my 5-year-old:

legosIt took forever.