When you’re done here, go visit these gals.

Perfection Pending:  Meredith writes beautiful and often funny posts about her trials and joys of being a mother to three kids and does it with class!

What I Meant To Say:  This woman cracks me up with every single post.

Motherhood, WTF?  I’ve been following this mom for a couple of years now.  There isn’t anything she won’t say.

The Bloggess  If you don’t like crude, don’t go here.  If you love it like I do, follow her stat.

The Waiting  I just discovered her recently and immediately loved her writing.  Good stuff all around over there.

Outmanned Mommy She writes about motherhood and her vagina.

Mama Schmama  She write about everything from sippy cups to trying to explain God to her kids.  She’s honest and out there!

I am The Milk   everyday she’s juggling.  And we can all relate to that.

Nap Time Thoughts   She writes haiku about garbage.  Need  I say more?

5 Kids With Disabilities   This woman captivates me with the life she has given her children.  When I feel like I’m whining too much, I go visit her page.


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So far, I've learned that my boys love me so much, they would never put me in a garage sale. They told me so.

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